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RhizoPot The Breathable Plant Pots

RhizoPot Breathable Plant Pots are a fantastic potting alternative for any grow. Unlike traditional ceramic and plastic pots they promote healthy root growth and strength that utilises all of the dead space that is created using a more traditional growing pot.

Stronger Roots

Create stronger roots for your plants by using the RhizoPot. In more traditional ceramic and plastic pots the roots grow until they reach the hard surface. This then forces the root to curl around the pot and creates root circling.

Air Pruning

Having a soft and breathable surface promotes the roots to partake in air pruning. Which is a process that the roots ‘prune’ themselves when their tips are exposed to air. Meaning the root hardens and stops growing creating stronger offshoots along the root.

Dense Root Structure

The breathable fabric layering of the RhizoPot enables a dense root structure to form from the centre of the roots. This gives your plant stronger roots that soak up more water and nutrients giving you higher yields and better quality blooms!

Why Use RhizoPot?

What are the advantages of using RhizoPot?

  • Rhizopot unique ‘air pruning’ technology.
  • Denser and stronger roots – promotion of secondary growth.
  • Huge increases in water and nutrient uptake.
  • Reusable and biodegradable – great for the environment and your budget.
  • Stronger plants with a faster growing time.
  • Suitable for all media types.
  • Fantastic range of sizes from 1L – 78L.

RhizoPot and Your Grow

Using the RhizoPot range gives your plants the best possible start and improves the chances of higher quality yields and stronger more durable plants. Why not look through our range of Growing Media to pair with your RhizoPot and get a great structure in place for your growing setup!

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