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Shogun Coco Multipack



Coco Multipack

Building on the success of their awesome range of additives and boosters, Shogun have done it again with the Shogun Samurai Coco Multipack. It contains just about everything you will need to begin your coco adventure! Or, if you’re already a coco pro then this multi pack will work just as well in experienced hands. This particular multipack is for growing in coco and should cover an entire grow from start to finish depending on your plant numbers and growing area, (typically a 1.2 meter square tent containing 3-4 plants). The Shogun Samurai 1 Litre A and B contains 2 exclusive additives that sets it totally apart from the rest of the coco base nutrients on the market – SmartZen and AquaZen.

The Shogun Samurai Coco Multipack has everything you need to get growing in coco medium from start to finish. Covering every spectrum for superior plant health, Shogun have compiled this multipack to get your grow off to a flying start. Included is –

1 x Coco A 1L, 1 x Coco B 1L, 1 x Calmag 250mls, 1 x PK Warrior 250mls, 1 x Sumo Active 250mls, 1 x Katana 250mls, 1 x Start 250mls, 1 x Dragon Force 250mls

Start 250ml:Start gives your young plants full strength trace elements whilst still maintaining a low overall strength. It is formulated to establish early plant and root development. Containing balanced micro and macro nutrients alongside the SmartZen maximiser ingredient.

Katana Roots 250ml:

Katana Roots is a product designed to increase and improve your plants’ roots, allowing them to absorb all of the nutrients given to them and to grow under the best possible conditions.

Silicon 250ml:Silicon is a product used to strengthen your plants when it comes to bad weather such as hot temperatures or intense wind, as well as increasing nutrient distribution and final yield.

CalMag 250ml:CalMag is a supplement that gives your plants extra calcium and magnesium, designed for water with low EC levels. It improves nutrient movement and phosphorus and potassium absorption.

PK Warrior 9/18 250ml:PK Warrior 9/18 is a product that makes sure that your plants’ flowers grow large, thick and more resinous. This product is a must if you want to increase yield as most as possible.

Sumo Active Boost 250mlSumo Active Boost is a potent flowering stimulant that’s used to significantly increase the quality of your plants’ flowers. It’s capable of increasing the density of their buds, the quantity of resin and terpenes, increasing flavor, aroma and effect.

Dragon Force 250ml:Dragon Force is meant to be used during the last week before flushing the roots in order to give your plant one last boost, increasing yield and making for much more compact, aromatic flowers. You should not use this product with other PK products or base flowering nutrients.

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