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Use a SilencedAir Fan Silencer to absorb the unwanted noise; two silencers can be used in series where unwanted noise is a particular problem.

With the higher flow rates of our professional fans, air noise can become a problem. Air moving through ducts creates noise. The faster the air, the more noise is created. If noise is a problem, connect a Silenced Air to your system.

A Silenced Air is most effective if positioned directly after a fan or after a tight bend in duct work. These high quality silencers are airtight and can be used in sealed ventilation systems.

Effectively reduces noise in ventilation systems
High quality galvanised steel, built to last
Fast and easy to install
Two can be used in series for maximum noise reduction

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150 x 600, 200 x 600, 250 x 600, 315 x 600, 355 x 600, 250 X 900, 315 x 900


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