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Sonic Air humidifiers



Control humidity with the affordable and reliable SonicAir Humidifier. Its large capacity 10 litre tank is capable of a maximum output of 800 millilitres an hour, which is fully adjustable so you can increase or decrease mist levels to fine-tune the humidity in your grow space. Four overhead spouts allow for multi-directional misting. Create an evenly misted grow room, or cap the spouts to direct the mist into key areas of your grow space.

10L tank
4 overhead spouts for multi-directional misting
Manually controllable
Automatic shut-down
12-month warranty if used with Reverse Osmosis (RO) water
Maximum output: 0.8 litres per hour (800 millilitres per hour)
Runs quietly (less than 35 dB)
80 watts
Comes with UK plug for easy set up

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SonicAir 10L Humidifier, SonicAir 23L Humidifier, SonicAir 23L Humidifier Float Kit, SonicAir Humidifier – Pro


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