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Stewart Heated Propagators



Stewart Heated Propagators

Regulates ambient temperature

Young plants are particularly susceptible to difficult climates, and need a consistent temperature to reach their peak. Germination only occurs when a plant has adequate moisture and warmth.

The Stewart heated propagator uses a bottom heating method to warm roots and raise the ambient temperature of the propagation tank, allowing seedlings to sprout in ideal conditions.

Replicates warmer climates

For many plants, growing outside in cold climates can hinder growth before it’s even started. Non-native fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes and peppers, aren’t used to UK climates and require much more warmth than we have to offer.

With this propagator, it’s possible to grow a range of worldwide plants from your home, greenhouse, or indoor grow space. Mimic the Mediterranean: if only it were that easy…

User-friendly design

The propagator features a durable plastic tray which, when in operation, keeps plants between 15 and 20℃. A clear plastic lid fits snugly on top to minimise warm air from escaping and adjustable vents to allow full circulation of fresh air if needed.

Its rectangular shape allows for pots and trays of any shape to be placed inside.

How to use Stewart Heated Propagators?

Just place your pots and trays onto the propagator tray and attach the lid. Plug in the appliance at a mains source and press the “on/off” switch to operate. Turn the air vents to open and close.

Where to use Stewart Heated Propagators?

Stewart Propagators are suitable for any indoor growing location – this might include inside the home, or in greenhouses, grow rooms, and sheds.

This is an electrical appliance and should not be used outside or in wet conditions.

Why choose Stewart Heated Propagators?

  • Electrically heated propagator;
  • Encourages rapid germination in seedlings, cuttings, and young plants;
  • Replicates natural climate of non-native fruits and vegetables;
  • Maintains an average soil temperature of 15-20℃;
  • Adjustable air vents allow air to circulate;
  • On/off switch for easy control;
  • Clear plastic lid allows easy visibility.

Product Specifications:

  • Brand: Stewart
  • Product Material: Plastic
  • Lid Included?: Yes

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32cm, 54cm


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