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XL Dry



Designed for Large Scale Smokable Flower

The Triminator XL Dry is one of the fastest dry trimmers in the world.  It is specifically built for commercial volume applications with boutique quality and top value trim.

The XL Dry meets the demands of large-scale production with ease by offering a streamlined repeatable process. The set and forget timer frees up the operator to do other tasks while the innovative lock and load pivot system makes loading and unloading easy.  Finally, the proprietary Pure Trim shear-band system is lubricant and vacuum-free for a quiet, contaminant-free trimming environment.

  • Lubricant Free
  • Quiet
  • Food-Safe
  • GMP Ready
  • Born in Northern California

Additional information


54.3 IN / 137 CM


33.7 IN / .85 M


54 IN / 137 CM

AC Voltage

120 V

Feed Rate/Hour

60 LBS / 27.21 KG


Triminator XL Dry, Triminator Moisture Meter


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